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  1. What size main arena does The Flyin Ryan Motorcycle stunt show need to performin and what surface is best?  A. Our optimum sized arena is 85m x 65m however we can work in smaller or larger. We prefer to work on grass main arenas, but can also perform on tarmac ,
  2. Whatkind of main arena fencing do you need to perform your motorcycle display? A. We prefer steel interlocking barriers, however, double roped or securely fenced off arenas are fine.                                                            
  3. what do you need the organiser to supply the motorcycle stunt team with?    A.  The motorcycle stunt display team needs a good quality public address system to plug their radio microphone receiver into and a driveable car to jump over                                                                                                          
  4. Do the motorcycles and fire stunts damage the ground suface?   A. The Flyin Ryan Motorcycle Stunt Show take enviromental issues very seriously and every care is taken not to "ruin" main arena surfaces. Our fire stunts can sometimes scorch the surface grass, however, this is only very minimal, and usually has repaired within a weekThe riders in the show take great care not to damage the grass, however at wet shows some damage to grass arenas is unavoidable but never unrepairable.                                                                      
  5. can the daredevil stunt show still be performed in the rain and bad weather?  A. YES we can and will perform whatever the weather throws at us, we have NEVER cancelled a show , and are very used to going on to perform when others will not
  6. Do the riders talk to the public during the show day, and are the bikes on public display ?  A. Whenever possible we like to interact with the public, selling posters, signing autographs, answering questions, and posing for pictures. we also like to set up an area where the bikes can be viewed.
  7. Can the Flyin Ryan stunt show help organiserswith the smooth running of their events ?  A. YES we promote your events before and afterwards on our facebook page, we fit in with your requirements, and we keep tight control of our show times, with fast set up and dismantle times (max 5 mins set up and dismantle)