Flyin Ryan Griffiths is a successful  motocross/off road motorcycle racer with over 35 years of riding  experience and  even more racing championship successes.   Flyin Ryan started riding a motorcycle at the tender age of 3yrs old.. at 7 years old he started racing schoolboy scrambles , and became quite successful  winning the cadet championship , that year, then many local and national championships from then until now (Ryan is still racing  and still winning) Ryans 10 victories at the worlds oldest scramble, "The Wild and Woolly"  has yet to be beaten  and Ryan also set the record for most south midland expert motocross championship wins.(7)

After  years of racing against some of the sports legends, such as,Paul Malin,Jamie Dobb, Kurt Nicoll,Rob Herring, Stefan Everts, Dave Thorpe, even american great Jeremy Mcgrath (once),  Flyin Ryan was looking for another direction..  Ryan started the motorcycle stunt show in 1998,after performing with other stunt shows, but knew he could perform  better stunts in an smoother more professional way than all other teams!    2020  sees the 22nd anniversary of the original Flyin Ryan Motorcycle stunt show,..  he knows what he is doing .

Jumpin James started performing in 1999 on a small Kawasaki KX65. He was soon wowing the crowds with his cheeky jumps and big smiles and is still doing it 20 years later. However James is quite a bit bigger now riding a Honda CRF450 and performing jumps over multiples of vehicles. 
James loves a bit of freestyle and can often be seen performing his no-handed jumps which make the crowd gasp with excitement, but leaves them breathing a sigh of relief as he comes safely with style. James's latest addition to the show is Jumpin Jacob his 3 year old son who is keen to perform on his electric bike alongside his father.

Tasty Tina says your never to old to learn new tricks, so at the age of 40 she decided to become a stunt rider, after passing her motorcycle test in 2002, she had never ridden off road before joining the team in 2018. Tina started on the Thump Star mini bike, which has been used to train everyone in the show over the past 15 years, and in 2019 Tina moved upto a more powerful Honda CRF 150, Tina's out there doing it for the girls, and thinks you are never to old to follow your dreams...... She also thinks Unicorns are real! 


Seasoned entertainer and multiple motocross champion, Flyin Ryan puts on a truly exciting motorcycle stunt show that fits into your event large or small. The show is geared towards excitement,and the riders skills, and bike control play a great part in that.   

  Flyin Ryan started performing in 1998 and was soon joined by 5 year old Jumpin James in 1999. The duo of Flyin Ryan and Jumpin James have performed together for 25yrs, and  "young" James has grown and matured, and learned everything, and they are both, now considered masters of the arena, and the air above it.

  Flyin Ryan and Jumpin James successfully perform big jumps and freestyle tricks with no landing ramp, unlike any other UK performers. They can also perform  jumps over cars, steam engines, caravans, Tractors, fire engines,  recovery trucks or whatever you can get into your arena, If your not sure what we can jump just ask.. Click on the contact us button or come direct to ryan@flyinryan.co.uk We can advise on the size of arena needed for us to perform all jumps safely and with style. 

  Flyin Ryan and Jumpin James perform a dazzling array of wheelies, on their 450 motocross machines,  some standing up,some sitting down, even standing on the seat one legged. all performed side by side, and seperately, all with a high level of skill and style.


  Tasty Tina is our novice lady rider, she is riding a smaller 150 4 Stroke machine, she keeps the audience entertained with her daredevil approach and her giggles and screams as she rides the bike around, sometimes on one wheel. Tina can also performs a  jump  on her special pink ramp. and always joins in the fun if she can

The second performance is a much faster paced show with more trick riding, fast riding, some big vehicles jumped over, and an explosive pyrotechnic finale.

Flyin Ryan commentates and keeps the crowd completely up to date with everything that is happening throughout the 2 different 30 minute shows. With his entertaining on bike commentary with jokes for all levels and ages, 

All of our team make every effort to help with the smooth running of your show, by being on time, all we need is a clear good sized arena, good PA system and  vehicles to jump over.

All of the stunts have to be seen to be believed,  if you’ve never seen the Flyin Ryan motorcycle stunt show, then you will be amazed!!

All stunts are performed to a strict safety regime and covered by £10 million Public Liability insurance and fully risk assessed.